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Help Center: Custom Service & Quotes

Custom Design

From basic to advanced, we meet your design needs by fully understanding your efforts, approach and expectations from the beginning of the process and follow through to make your next campaign successful.

We close the loop for your personal marketing program by not only capturing information and analyzing data, but by providing clear, focused and concise back-end reports that allow you to shape your future marketing efforts.

For more information about our custom design services, please contact us.

Design With Digi

Interactive Designer

Our web-to-print solution includes an Interactive Designer with a variable data publishing system, which is like a simplified Photoshop application. The proof itself is the canvas where all work is performed. You can selectively change font characteristics, add new text areas, new images, move their position on the template, rotate them, change justification, crop images, and more.

DigiXPress.com currently offers design templates for customizing your business cards, brochures, postcards and invitations.

Direct Mail Solutions

We can mail your Postcards and Inserted Mail! Mailing Postcards and Brochures are one of the most affordable direct mail efforts to grow your business!

Direct Mail Drives Sales and Promotes Business More Effectively Than Email Campaigns!

We offer...

  • Expert Mailing Services for Newsletters and Envelopes
  • Options: First Class Mail or Standard Presorted Mail
  • Easily Create an Effective Direct Marketing Campaign with Us
  • Direct Mail Provides Greater Response Rates in Growing Sales Than Email Campaigns

For assistance with securing a mailing list, please contact us.

It's simple! If you request it, ink jet addressing and postage will be calculated and added to your order.

VDP Customization

Personalized Print Marketing

Specifically tailor your copy, images and colors to appeal to customers and better engage readers. Any document with text or images driven from a database is "variable data printing" (VDP). Vary text, photos, designs, offers, colors and more.

With VDP you have the ability to use what you know about your recipients to craft a message that is personalized and unique. Many businesses, organizations and schools have increase ROI and response rates with VDP.

  • Insert names
  • Personalize copy, colors and images
  • Each piece is different, based on variables: EX: customer's characteristics, past purchases, gender, income.
  • Personal, timely, and persuasive
  • Insert photos, directions, contact information
  • Vary your merchandising mix corresponding to demographics, psychographics and purchase behavior.
  • In today's marketing world, consumers are paying less attention to broadcast messages. They want to know that companies are producing marketing communications tailored specifically to them. If they aren't, recipients will simply tune them out and throw them away.

Businesses that send print materials to prospective clients have found success using variable data printing, which is a printing technique that enables brands to produce materials with specialized information. This could include specific names, marketing messages, photographs and merchandise, depending on the needs of companies' marketing campaigns.

Variable data printing enables brands to reach consumers with messages made for them, which has been proven to boost return on investment and response rates in print marketing initiatives. Companies can cut through generic messages with their own highly personalized ones and make customers feel more appreciated with variable data printing.

For more information about our personalized print, marketing programs, please contact us.